Friday, June 10, 2011

Vacation Time for me and Contest for You

We're about to head off on vacation (at last!) with, in my case, a pile of books, walking shoes, and a good appetite. I'm looking forward to attacking at least the following:

Here is one picture for each of our destinations. List our itinerary (only the region of the country is necessary in the first case, but the specific locations are needed in the other three), and I'll enter you in a drawing to win a book about destinations exotic (Burma, Russia, and Serbia are among the possible choices so far). You can live anywhere. Put your answer in the comments and I'll read them when I return.

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Anne Camille said...

Just now reading this, but I would have guessed somewhere on the Loire or the Rhone, 2) in France, probably Paris, 3) no clue, 4) Glydnebourne because of the dress. BTW, guessed that before I read the later post, not bad. Hope you had a great time. Been away from blogging for awhile, but am back to try blogging and reading blogs again.