Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Silly memes: The 6th of the 8 random facts about myself (see below)

I guess #6 of the 8 random facts I was SUPPOSED to mention below should be that I can't count, as Siew at Writings Within the Margin gently pointed out.


6. I got locked in a closet on stage during a play and was forced to play a scene from inside until I was able to break the door down with my leg (why there was a lockable door on stage to begin with is still a mystery). The actor playing my brother, who was supposed to be unconscious, was laughing so hard he could visibly seen to be shaking by the last row in the audience. The fact that the two guys running lights and sound in the booth were audibly screaming with laughter did not help.


Loose Baggy Monster said...

Now THAT's a #6 worth waiting for!

Anonymous said...


I'm still waiting for your explanation on Tolkein though!