Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry update

I hope all those who did christmas had a merry one. We haven't yet done our major gift exchange, so busily are we covering the Ragazzo's releatives throughout Ohio, but we did cook dinner for 14 yesterday. Later today we'll open presents.

Insanity update:

40. The Spoilt City - Olivia Manning
41. Friends and Heroes - Olivia Manning
42. Nerve Damage - Peter Abrahams

43. The Stolen Child - Keith Donohue (making slow progress)
44. Tell me Everything - Sarah Salway
45. Experiment in Love - Hillary Mantel
46. The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Brian Selznick
47. The Last Town on Earth - Thomas Mullen
48. Lisrael - Garth Nix
49. Abhorsen - Garth Nix
50. Musicophilia - Oliver Sacks

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