Thursday, February 7, 2008

Inventive and evocative (Books - Electricity by Ray Robinson)

Electricity is totally live - may I just say, this man can write. I almost wrote this girl can write, because his narrator's voice (Lily) is so convincing. There is nothing particularly fun about the life Lily is leading. Her neglect as a child and her violent epilepsy have left her a little wary of how much she can expect to control in her life, but it has made her scrappy. The book is like a combination of Mary Gaitskill's world and Tim Winton's language. The writing is inventive and evocative. It has a music completely its own.

...I imagined men's roving sex-eyes and I liked the feeling it gave me. I haggled the guy on the stall down to fifteen quid. He said he wished he could see it on and I went in your dreams mister. It was short and hugged me in all the right places, showed off my legs. I have great legs. They make up for what I lack in the boob department.

I necked my two evening pills (picture of two pills here) early.

It's what I measure my days by. Six a day. Two in the morning, two in the afternoon, two at night. You can't miss them. Like full stops and my days are three sentences. Awake, two pills, two pills, two pills, asleep.

You just hope life happens in between.

I brushed my hair so many times that it popped with static. I looked electrified with the heat inside me. It made me look even taller than my six foot. I could feel my frizz bobbing soft on my shoulders as I took long-legged strides along the seafront. I had the surprise of a thrill-knot dancing around my belly, and the beam across my face was on full power. The dress felt like something explosive hidden under my coat. I couldn't remember a time when I'd felt better, more alive.

There is another passage I want to share with you but I'm going to be late for class! So more later.

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