Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Progress report

On July 3, 2008 there were 21 books to read prior to the start of classes. As of August 5th. 11 have been read, 4 are in progress, and another 4 are likely not to interest me right now. Ethan Canin's America, America replaces The Pickwick Papers. But I'm feeling impulsive about my reading, I'm getting that urge to break free of restrictions (even my own) prior to the start of school. There is some fiction on the way - Jeanette Winterson's Tanglewreck after Sheila's post on it, Catherine O'Flynn's What was Lost after Scott Pack's post on it, and Cal and Lamb by Bernard MacLaverty after John Self's raves and my reading of his novels Grace Notes and The Anatomy School, and it might be fitting to read some Solzhenitsyn, following his death this weekend. The Gulag Archipelago is on both my Russian and Chunkster challenges for this year.

America, America
The Informers
The Road Home -
in progress
The Book Thief

Story of a Marriage (
I'm wary of this one)
The Lazarus Project
Grace Notes
The Anatomy School

Proust and the Squid - in progress
Sensation & Perception -
in progress
The Poetics of Mind - this will never happen
Attention -
I'll dip into it
Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases - As above
Patient-Based Approaches to Cognitive Neuroscience
Red Cavalry -
in progress
The Darling
The Changeling
White Noise
Reading David


Worm said...

wow first of all let me congratulate you for you have such a great taste when it comes to books, definitely going to consider some of them in my To-Read list.
but let me ask you about your thoughts on The Book Thief Do you recommend it?

laters my friend..

Ted said...

NC - I'm glad you're enjoying my reading along with me! Hmmmm, do I recommend The Book Thief... I guess my two posts, recorded as reactions in the moment, are a fairer indication of my reading experience than a retrospective summary would be. The reading experience was worthwhile and the subject matter had redeeming qualities. None of my criticisms would warrant not recommending it.