Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best YA fiction I read in 2009

Next in my end-of-year round-up is YA fiction, of which I didn't read very much this year. A quick look reveals just 4 titles, which is 8% of my planned 52 books:

Sons of Liberty - Adele Griffin
Kissing Doorknobs - Terry Spencer Hesser
Total Constant Order - Chrisa-Jean Chappell
What the Birds See - Sonya Hartnett

This one is a shoe-in. While Sons of Liberty was a nice enough story, I felt the writing a bit too self-consciously instructional. Kissing Doorknobs and Total Constant Order are both special interest reads for a presentation I did on Obsessional Compulsive Disorder in children and both are written to educate children about that disorder and do so effectively. What the Birds See is an original work about a deeply lonely child. The story telling as well as the writing is of the highest quality. My reaction was to call it "potent, deeply imagined and lyrical." I am hoping to read some other books by its author, Sonya Hartnett. It gets my pick for best YA fiction read of 2009.

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