Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inner struggles of mind and soul & this year's book stats (Books - Hidden Symptoms by Deirdre Madden)

I finished Deirdre Madden's first novel, Hidden Symptoms, early this morning. Written in 1986, it displays many of the hallmarks of her more mature work like Molly Fox's Birthday, Remembering Light and Stone and One by One in the Darkness - complexity in her characters, their interior struggles with art, faith, politics, and family - but with an extra dose of passion. It has less reserve than her more recent books. This novel concerns Theresa, a university literature student, whose twin brother is murdered in the violent struggle in Northern Ireland, and does interior battle in maintaining her faith in light of her suffering. The narrative has a drive more forceful than her more recent books, but no less humane. Madden's work has a seriousness about people who think deeply about their inner lives, who don't spout platitudes and formulas around finding love and meaning in them, and who appreciate that this struggle is an ongoing feature of a thoughtful existence. This is the kind of fiction I really value, which makes me glad that I still have The Birds of the Innocent Wood and Authenticity on the pile and that leaves Nothing Is Black, Snake's Elbows, and Thanks for Telling Me, Emily yet to find and to read.

And that brings me to my 52nd book for 2009. I'm likely to start another book this year but I probably won't finish one, so let's review the stats:

8 non-fiction
44 fiction

included in the fiction are:
4 written for young readers
10 mystery/thrillers
3 fantasy/science fiction
No poetry collections this year
1 short story or novella volume
1 play
the rest fall into the "general" fiction category

25 were written by women
27 were written by men

This year, all but 5 were originally written in English and those authors were Irish, English, South African, and American.

I'll post my best general fiction read or reads of 2009 some time in the next day. For the other categories, scroll down.


Sheila O'Malley said...

I head out to Block Island this Sunday - I am definitely going to bring Molly Fox's Birthday with me. Trying to get back into the reading roll - and I am REALLY looking forward to it. Hope your trip was great!!

Unknown said...

I'm seeing lots of yearly stats posts yesterday and today. I've never done one myself, but it's intersting to see how everyone else's turned out.

Danielle said...

Such a short post yet you write so beautifully about Deirdre Madden. I really do need to read Molly Fox's Birthday and must check out her other work too. Is she in print over here even? Happy reading for 2010!

Ted said...

S - Hope your time on Block Island is great!

CB - It's a fun way to review the year.

D - You can get Madden's book's through The Book Depository (.com) which has free delivery worldwide!

Danielle said...

Yay for the Book Depository! :)