Friday, November 23, 2007

YA fantasy was all this tryptophan-logged brain could take

If you cooked yesterday, or celebrated, or somehow managed to do both (I commend you) I hope it was a good gathering. We had a very small gathering this year chez bw, but it meant the cooks could actually relax and enjoy it. The organic turkey was stuffed with fresh lemons and onions and turned out perfectly (we don't eat the lemons etc, they just flavor the meat), our now traditional salad - mixed greens, dolce gorgonzola, fresh pears, and olives - started us off, the brussel sprouts were roasted with a little olive oil and herbes de Provence, the Ragazzo made smashed potatoes and a perfect sherry gravy, I did a green apple, onion and celery stuffing, and a tart greek yogurt with mashed raspberries topping for the pumpkin pie (I can't take cloying sweet without something to counter it), and it was well lubricated with a fruity but dry Austrian white by Weininger - gruner veltliner, riesling, and sauvignon blanc blend - yum!

After lugging our carcasses around the hilly streets of our NYC neighborhood for forty minutes to circulate the blood enough to push some of the butter through our arteries, we threw the other carcass in a pot with a bunch of veggies a made the stock, which will become our Saturday dinner with friends.

I started Artemis Fowl last night, wanting some comforting YA fantasy. I have to say, so far its tongue is so firmly planted in cheek that I'm finding it cutsie. It moves very fast, so I'm going to give it another fifty pages. Today it's lots of homework and homemade turkey salad with fresh parsley, celery, mayo and lemon juice for lunch.


Anonymous said...

sounds delicious - glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We sampled Cheese with the Swiss side of the family and tried to explain the stuffing that I made. Took two chickens from a nearby farm (stuffed them with lemons as well)and that was certainly the best treat!

Ted said...

Mmm, sounds good, verb. I have swiss family as well - in Zurich. Where are your's?