Monday, October 1, 2007

A literature as vast as its land

Ex Libris has proposed a Russian lit challenge in '08 and I'm going to be there. I know the challenge could use a talented button maker (not the Peer Gynt kind) if anyone with those talents wants to volunteer. If you're the type that know you will never read any Tolstoi without a push or if you're a nut about Russian culture and history like I am - head on over and join the challenge.

I am proposing:

Life and Fate - Vasily Grossman
The Gulag Archipelago - Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
Natasha's Fire - Orlando Figges
Heavy Sand - Anatoly Rybakov
Among the Russians - Coin Thubron
Revolution on My Mind - Jochen Hellbeck
and possibly Re-reading Master and Margarita (Mikhail Bulgakov) and Anna Karenina (Lev Tolstoy)

Oh my gosh, I have no Chekhov, I'll have to add something.


Eva said...

I'll be joining this one, but I'm not going to make a list until closer to 2008.

Too many decisions, quite frankly!

Ted said...

Eva - I know what you mean. It only, since I don't actually HAVE to do this, that I really want to.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely tempting. I think I am going to have to join...but who to pick??

darkorpheus said...

I'm tempted to add "Gulag Archipelago" -- but then, will I get around to it?

Re-reading Bulgakov sounds fun.

Ted said...

DO - I can't imagine I will get through everything on my list but it's worth a try.

Sharon said...

So glad you are joining in, Ted! I'm really excited about the challenge, and I am glad that so many others are, too.

Ted said...

Ex - I'm glad you're offering it. There are so many things Russian that I want to read and haven't yet. This will be just the little flame I need under my butt.