Saturday, June 19, 2010

Novelties VIII

Our CSA has begun, so we get our weekly share of organic fruits, vegetables, and eggs. This has resulted in:

Swiss chard + scallions + oregano (fresh) + prosciutto + pasta + parmigiano (and a little pasta water) = yum

Little red potatoes + white onions + green onions + fresh thyme and oregano + bok choy + white beans + chorizo = yum (dress with a little white wine vinegar and you're set or add broth to make it a soup)

When the mercury goes over 80 it's time for rose. This one is like drinking strawberry juice while sucking on river stones. It's really dry and a good combination with salty and spicy foods.

I really have a thing for Raul Esparza. Generously talented and vulnerable actor and singer (mostly on the stage). I've also recently been introduced to the (cancelled) series Pushing Daisies, which is imaginative but I do see why it could not sustain itself for more than a couple of seasons. In any event, here is a scene with Raul and the equally wonderful Kristin Chenowith. They don't allow me to embed it, so I provided the link.

Listening: It's Raul Esparza day so....the quality of these recordings aren't great but their content give you a good idea of the range of his vocal talents and the amount of himself that he brings to his work:

Surfing: 1, 2, 3

Jonah Lehrer teaches us about something that is even worse for our brain than the internet. Lesson in a nutshell: Life is full of cognitive tradeoffs.


Anne Camille said...

The Swiss chard ban prosciutto pasta sounds yummy. 3 weeks into our CSA and i'm beginning to feel tyrannized by the over-abundance of green leafy items in my fridge.

Ted said...

Cam - Hah-ha-ha! I know what you mean. Spinach, swiss chard, bok choy, lettuce all in one week is enough to make anyone run screaming. I've had to get creative.