Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First Post Ever

There is probably no one reading this besides me, but the whole point of starting this blog is for me to interact through writing, and I am writing. And I see no reason not to cut to the chase...

I've just come off a two month jag of not being able to read what I want - I'm in graduate school - so the end of the spring term meant one thing for me - books I choose, especially fiction. Rebecca Stott's Ghostwalk was the first. In its early pages you can feel the author trying hard. It boasts not one prologue but two! And the line "it was difficult to tell where your skin ended and mine began" almost scared me off, but I stuck with it. If you enjoy literate mysteries, this one has the ultimate in romantic settings - Cambridge (UK). It satisfies every pop-lit craving you could ask for - stories in twin time periods, the history of Cambridge, romance, animal rights, Sir Isaac Newton, and neuroscience. The voice is a trifle self-conscience, and at times corny, but it is well plotted - a satisfying literary page-turner - and a lovely welcome back to fiction after starvation, if ever there was one.


David said...
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David said...

If I start writing now
When I'm not really ready
It will upset my thinking
Which is no good at all

CB (DO) (TA)