Monday, September 3, 2007

Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (Part 1)

British actor and author, Steven Fry, discovered he had manic depression after living with it for years. He comes out about it here with this frank, personal, and informative program for BBC 4. The Ragazzo discovered it while trolling around on You Tube. You can get it all there, divided into about 20 chunks. He explores not just his personal experience but others' too, the latest treatments, and the supposed link between bipolar disorder and creativity. Here is the first part. I recommend it highly. Now don't immediately diagnose yourself.


Sam said...

Stephen Fry is a favorite of mine and I never imagined that he had this problem. Thanks for the link to YouTube. I'm going to try to watch the whole program...much appreciated.

Ted said...

Sam - I had no idea either - shows to go you... It's well worth the watch. Everything he brings to his other wonderful work, he brings to this.