Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Artist's Private Spaces

Did you see Daphne Merkin's wonderful portrait of Margaret Drabble in the New York Times Magazine this weekend - Dame of the British Interior? She sets the scene expertly by relating her own experience of her visit to Drabble's home - her garden, and jigsaw puzzles. Among other things, this article stresses Drabble's reticence to make her writing overtly confessional and yet, somehow, Merkin balances that with being revealing enough to make a sympathetic and informative portrait. I have only read one of Drabble's novels - The Peppered Moth - and Merkin's piece made me hungry for more. Above are pictured Drabble's workspace (I love getting a glimpse of artists' spaces) and beneath that, her husband's (the biographer Michael Holroyd).


Mae said...

I'm nosey by nature so I always love these type of pictures of artists/writers work spaces. It says so much about of them much like someone's bookshelves.

Ted said...

Mae - I'm with you. It's one of my favorite ways to get to know people.