Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 - A little end of the year accounting...

In preparation for my soon-to-come best-of lists, I always like to do a little end of the year accounting. I know some people find this ludicrous but I love looking back on the year and categorizing what I have read. I have been aiming for an average of one book per week, which has been a stretch in the past three years with my class reading requirements, however this fall I no longer had classes. The result was that I was able to finish a few more books. Even though I plan to read several more books this year, lets see how the numbers look so far.


Total books read so far: 65

fiction: 40
written in the last 11 years: 27
written in the 20th century: 12
written prior to the 20th century: 1
graphic novels: 1
fantasy/sci fi: 3
written for young readers: 2
essays (misc): 2
biography: 2
memoir: 7
history/politics: 8
science/psychology: 11
written by women/men: 24/41
written in English/read in translation: 57/8

Not a bad year so far.


Sam said...

I love this kind of recap and will be doing one next week myself. I'm just a numbers guy and I love to rehash the numbers and play with new ways to combine things. Really, this kind of exercise does give you new insight into your reading year. Thanks.

Ted said...

Hi Sam - Yup. I know what you mean. I feel like this kind of thing helps me own my obsession, almost a ritual. Happy Holidays to you, fellow reader.