Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Taking on the Double-Dare

Hope you have had a happy holiday - whatever you like celebrating - christmas, chanukah, kwanza, the winter solstice. Now enough singing songs, snacking, toasts, and boardgames, let's get down to the business of reading. C.B. has double-dared us to read only from the TBR pile from December 31, 2011 until April 1,
2012 and I am taking him up on it. See that picture in the challenge icon? That gets pretty close to my TBR stacks and the holidays have only added to it, with enticing copies of Leaving the Atocha Station, and the recent biographies of Catherine The Great and Gustav Mahler courtesy of my in-laws. Although C.B. has not sworn us to not purchasing new books in that time frame, I am even thinking of trying to do that (ha, ha, who are you kidding?). If you care to join us, click on the words double-dared in the third sentence to link to C.B.'s challenge.


Unknown said...

Glad to have you on-board for the Double Dare. I confess that I do intend to do a bit of book buying this week, but I'll avoid even that once the Double Dare starts.

Gavin said...

So glad you are joining the Dare! It was great fun last year, and got me to read many books from my TBR stacks.