Monday, January 2, 2012

Charles Dickens Month, in which I finally tackle The Pickwick Papers, um, correction Our Mutual Friend

Thomas led me to Amanda's Charles Dickens Month, which excited me because I realized I could indulge in triple action by reading either a copy of The Pickwick Papers or Our Mutual Friend (but not both) that have been festering on my TBR pile: participating in Charles Dickens Month, the Tea & Books Reading Challenge as they are both biggies, and stay true to the TBR Double Dare all at the same time! Rock on.

Update: Let's make that, Our Mutual Friend.


Christy said...

Just read Our Mutual Friend not long ago and really loved it. So, good choice (though I've never read Pickwick Papers).

Guy Savage said...

Actually I was going to read Our Mutual Friend this month but picked up a Dostoevsky instead. I'll get back to Dickens shortly.

Ted said...

Christy - I took a look at the beginning of both and decided on OMF, glad to hear that you liked it.

Guy - I'm hoping to get to The Idiot this year, it has been on my TBR pile for too long.

Runs Like A Gay said...

I want to like Dickens, but I find his work so very hard to read.

What could you recommend as a way into his writing?

Ted said...

RL - His style takes some getting used to, not just because it's 150 years old, but also because he was paid for volume. Some of his stuff is not very accessible. I could not get into Pickwick Papers at all. You might want to try some of his shorter novels like Oliver Twist, Tale of Two Cities or Great Expectations - all three are great stories with memorable characters. Barring that, see the movie.