Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Speaking of great poets...(An ode to Ingmar Bergman and his Fanny and Alexander)

The great poet of the silver screen - Ingmar Bergman - has died at 89 years of age. He was an exemplar of what a serious artist could do on film, depicting metaphysics, a certain male ideal of the feminine, violent cruelty - he is remembered from a lot of serious gloom and doom - but he also ventured into the territory of his own memory, making films that veer from the icy fears of childhood, to the romance of its comforting magic, and its delightful humor. Among my favorite films of all time (top 10) is Fanny and Alexander. I also saw several of his stage productions. His remarkable version of Winter's Tale remains among the most memorable evenings I've spent in the theater. This site is chock full on information on his work.

Plenty of other have eulogized Bergman in words over the last two days, I'm going to share some images from my favorite film of his as a tribute:

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