Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It seems that the myth of poetry only being to the taste of an elite few has held true. We had 11 people sign up for the Summer Poetry Challenge in all, and only seven have actually declared their poems - but it is a delightful and insightful seven (see my side bar to the right for the list of participants and their poems). So, starting this Sunday July 29 I'll check in at each of your sites. Some time between then and Wed Aug 1 please post your poems. If there is one dedicated post for your poems I'll link to that post directly from the directory posted on my site, otherwise, I'll just link to the home page of your site. If you can post full text versions of your poems - excellent. If not, excerpts or links to on-line versions would be fine. If you can link back to my posted directory so we can provoke a cross conversation, that would be great. Finally, if you were late or unsure about getting me your submissions, we're a small group, so just post a comment here with your list of poems and it will be no problem to include you.


Danika Dinsmore said...

Hello, I cruised over from Superfast Reader. What a great idea! I'm always glad to see people promoting poetry.

Would have definitely joined you if I had known.

Great site.

Ted said...

oc - thanks for the compliment. Please, if you care to, join us for the poetry challenge. I just set up the deadlines in the way I did because I didn't know if I'd have 3 people signing up or 50. If you wish to, just leave me the titles of your 4 poems in this comments section.