Saturday, July 26, 2008

Idiocy Update

Here, you may recall, was my little summer fantasy (with Ethan Canin's new book missing at picture time) declared on Thursday July 3, 2008. 21 books prior to the start of school (August 27). 14 of them were likely to be complete reads and the rest dipped into. I am happy to report that nine, yes nine, of these have been put to bed! They have been read, and most even enjoyed. Four more are in-the-works. That might look something like this:

America, America
The Informers
The Road Home
The Book Thief

Story of a Marriage (
I'm wary of this one)
The Lazarus Project - in progress
Grace Notes
The Anatomy School
Proust and the Squid -
in progress
Sensation & Perception -
in progress
The Poetics of Mind - this will never happen
Attention -
I'll dip into it
Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases - As above
Patient-Based Approaches to Cognitive Neuroscience
Red Cavalry -
in progress
The Darling
The Changeling
White Noise
Reading David

The Pickwick Papers
(I really removed this from the list at the start. It will never happen.)


Danielle said...

I've only finished one book from my summer reading list, and have two others started. My list isn't as long as yours, but I still won't get them all read....Sometimes it's just fun thinking about what you'll read...(well for me it is anyway).

Ted said...

Danielle - All we can do is keep at it, I guess.