Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mid year assessment

And since everyone else is checking in a mid-year:

number of books read: 38 (not bad considering I'm in school and for something other than lit)
all but 3 were fiction
13 were written by women
24 by non-American writers
5 were translated from languages other than English

My goal was to read 52 books this year, so judging by present standards, I should exceed my goal. On the other hand, I'm doing absolutely lousy (or would that be lousily) in my reading challenges.

I signed on for:
The Chunkster Challenge: 2 out of 8
The Man Booker Challenge: 3 out of 7
The Russian Reading Challenge: 1 out of 8 (or 2 out of 9 if you're willing to include Child 44)

Although with my informally declared Summer Reading Challenge I am chipping away at my impossible dream: 3 out of 21 and working on numbers 4 & 5.

I had better get reading and stop dilly-dallying here.


Anonymous said...

I'm on the right track for all three challenges that I signed up for (the same as yours actually), but I've only read 30 books.

10 were by women writers
18 by non-American writers
24 fiction
6 non-fiction

Danielle said...

I've not read any books yet for the Russian reading challenge, but if you're counting Child 44, then I guess I've read one! :) Your summer reading list almost rivals my own recent list I posted. It's nice to dream, isn't it.

Ted said...

Danielle - Just what I was thinking when I read your post! We're dreamers both, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm about where you are: 40 books, with my goal, though, to read 100 books. However, I'll live if I don't make it. The PC Police would love you, by the way. ;)

Ted said...

JARF - PC Police - ha-ha-ha! It wasn't by plan - just turned out that way.