Friday, August 17, 2007

Poetry Every Friday - A Regular Series - Help Select the Title

Regular readers, occasional guests, and others I am making official my weekly posting of poetry each Friday. I am now searching for a title Poetry Fridays is too boring. 'Free Verse Fridays' came to mind. 'Eh,' was my reaction to that idea. I think I'd rather use the title of a poem. Here are some I like. Cast your vote or suggest another:

Little Poem with Argyle Socks

Taking off Emily Dickinson's Clothes

The Apple That Astonished Paris

An Inflorescence

Poetry gives off smoke...

As Freedom Is a Breakfastfood

All Which Isn't Singing is Mere Talking

I hope if you have ideas for poems or poets you would like to see in this series, you will post a comment and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Among your titles my favorite is "An Inflorescence".
Other titles that came to my mind have to do with French poetry:
- Calligrammes (Apollinaire)
- Les Illuminations (Rimbaud)
- Correspondances (Baudelaire)

Ted said...

Thanks for those, May, they're great. You're obviously a fan of French poetry!