Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reading David Leavitt

The fabulous The Elegant Variation is featuring David Leavitt, a writer I admire, and his new book The Indian Clerk for the entire week. There are excerpts from the book, an interview, and today he guest hosts - writing on writers familiar to me and not: Penelope Fitzgerald, Joanna Scott, and Jane Gardam, I had not heard of the last two before. I especially liked the post "On Reading Books in the Cities in Which They are Set." I've read A Moveable Feast in Paris, all of Salinger and Potok, and The Emperor's Children in New York, and listened to Anne of Green Gables on tape while driving around Prince Edward Island.

And you?


maggie moran said...

Hum, Rats in NYC, Moby Dick on Nantucket, Into the Wild while camping in Denali, Alaska, Snow Falling on Cedars while cruising the inside passage of BC, etc. I define my vacations with books. Irish authors while we spent 3 weeks in Ireland and Jack London while driving through Oregon, but initially started in Alaska, I could go on... :D Thanks for the fun, short post. It made me think! :)

Ted said...

Maggie - I debated taking Ulysses to Ireland this summer, but I didn't have a clear enough head for it.