Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rowling outs Dumbledore

Dumbledore was gay! And remember, you read it here first. Get the details here. What I actually enjoyed about this little article is learning something about Rowling's process for creating Harry Potter other than the fact that she was on welfare and is now wealthy beyond belief. She's not just a plotter, she develops her characters by imagining them outside the events of her novel - a natural process for many a writer, actor, or anyone who creates characters, but not everyone does it. And it might explain his love for accessories.


Anonymous said...

I am so psyched Dumbledore was gay. I wish I could say, "I knew it all along!!" but I can't say that that is the case. It did seem he had a secret - in terms of his personal life - didn't it? - but I never thought it was that. Makes perfect sense to me ... even though I would have probably expected it more of Sirius.

I love JK Rowling's whole thing. It's a whole WORLD inside her head and it just keeps on living - even though she's done with the series. Now that's a creator!!

Ted said...

that's what I like too - that they live beyond the physical and temporal walls of the books.
Like many British homosexuals of yore who were academics (and even schoolmasters, and evidently he is based on one of Rowlings schoolmasters), they sublimated their sexuality in scholarship. Sad that they had too, but he performed his service with the energy of love and he understood the plight of the outsider.