Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tree of the day

It is finally turning autumnal around these woods so this tree seemed fitting. Is it a set for Wuthering Heights, or what? By Ruslanas Baranauskas, a Lithuanian photographer, whose photographs seem to me to have a fantastical narrative quality. More of his and other Lithuanian photographers pix here, and his own site here.

Hat tip: wood s lot


Anonymous said...

I love the stark bleakness of that photo. Maybe I'm insane - but landscapes like that light me up inside. I love the grey, the wind, the desolation. Emily Bronte apparently felt the same way and suffered like a caged bird when she was away from her native landscape.

Ted said...

Isn't that tree like a person? I expect it to pull up it's roots and stalk across that moor.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. That's amazing!